La trota ai fumi di larice € 26,00

Smoked Trout and Salmon marinated for 24 hours, thinly sliced and served with sour cream and toasted bread .

Allergies: Fish

 Il tagliere di salumi € 14,00

A platter of assorted marinated meats, raw ham, lard, black pudding and salami from the valley.


Patè maison € 16,00
Wrapped in lardo, served with berries sauce and hot breads croutons.
Allergens: eggs, milk and dairy products

First course dishes

Seuppa alla Valpellinentze € 14,00

A soup of mountain community origins, made of bread, cabbage leaves, Fontina cheese, vegetable broth and noisette butter.

Allergens: milk and dairy products, gluten


Rich whole meal cornflour polenta € 14,00

Grandmother’s lunchtime recipe forl long melanchonic winter sundays, with much butter and Fontina cheese.

Allergen: milk and dairy products




Deer ravioli* € 22,00

Allergens: gluten, eggs, milk and dairy products




*Homemade dishes with fresh ingredients that we have refrigerated for storage in compliance with health regulations.

Second course dishes

Slow cooked meat with polenta € 25,00

Different meats with organic stone-ground wholemeal polenta.

These recipes are based on ancient Valle d’Aosta traditions.

Allergens: celery, gluten, fruits in shell

Fassone fillet steak in green peppercorn sauce € 33,00

Served with boiled potatoes.

Allergen: milk and dairy products

Trout poêlée € 20,00 

Served with citrus salad.

Allergen: fish

Deer fillet € 29,00

Served with berries sauce, dry fruit crumble and baby chards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Allergen: fruits in shell


Each second is accompanied by a side dish according to seasonal availability.

The rabbits and roosters we cook are raised on the Antey farm.


Cheese platter € 10,00

Chosen by grandmother Carmen at the weekly markets in Valle d’Aosta, featuring products made by local craftmen, including low fat Toma cheeses, Alpine pasture Fontina and occasionally soft cheeses.



House ice-cream and sorbet € 8,00

Made with fresch milk and seasonal fruit

Chocolate fondent € 14,00

Small chocolate cake cooked at the moment, with a melted heart, served hot.

Home maid desserts € 12,00

Available according to the season and daily changes.

Aspic (seasonal fruit in a Moscato jelly), Crème caramel, Bavarois, “Mousseline Mimì” (a type of meringue dessert), Peruvian cream, Monte Cervino, pistachio Marahdja cream, raspberry, lemon and seasonal fruit tarts, chocolate and poppy seeds desserts, puff pastry with Renette apples, Cassata Siciliana, Strudel.


* The black bread we serve you is produced by Paolo and Katia with grains from the municipality of Verrayes, made with stone-ground flours grown at 1026 meters, using mother yeast, baked in a wood oven.

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