Delighting guests with memorable tastes is an exquisite tradition at Les Neiges d’Antan.

Here, everything speaks of flavour, with all the goodness of home-made specialities: wholemeal bread, duck paté, smoked trout, gnocchi, ice-cream and jams, are all zero miles… zero inches.


You don’t have to open any doors to find the restaurant: just follow your nose.

For example, you will be able to detect the fragrance of the traditional ‘seuppa alla valpellinentze,’ and other specialities such as polenta, trout smoked with Valle d’Aosta larch wood, braised meat dishes, and warm chocolate fondant.


The menu changes according to the weather, the seasons, the maturation of cheeses, the ripening of fruit, and the harvest of vegetables.
There are some classics at Les Neiges d’Antan that regular guests return to with undiminished pleasure, and that are a wonderful surprise for diners sitting at these tables for the first time.


The wine list at Les Neiges d’Antan is exciting reading for all those who love good wine.

It includes labels incorporating centuries of heritage, as well as talented new winemakers, famous names along with small producers who offer a wealth of fascinating discoveries, the noble red wines of Piedmont and Tuscany alongside the heroic whites from mountain vineyards, Champagnes, Bordeaux, Sauternes and many more…

A collection of great pleasures, to be enjoyed at the table, or for a meditative glass savoured at length in front of the fire.


You wake up.
Say hello to Mount Cervino.
A brief walk from your room.
The culinary delicacies awaiting you for breakfast haven’t travelled far either.