Bich is a very common surname in Cervinia.
But this particular Bich family is different to any other.


The soul of Les Neiges d’Antan Hotel Cervinia
When doctors take X-rays of me, inside they see Les Neiges d’Antan.

It’s my hotel. It’s my life.


Settees, armchairs, the fireplace, candles.
Love at first sight.
It would be difficult to imagine a more welcoming setting.


An old home in stone and timber has become a bar. On the walls, photographs of people from the past, and mountain tales from the days when there was little more than rock and snow. A fire is burning in the grate. Every so often you hear Charles Trenet singing La Mer.


n summer, it’s a great place for sunbathing, yoga, reading, and enjoying wonderful idle moments, absorbing the green of the meadows and forests.

For the rest of the year, snow plays the starring role. 


People who are born and live in a place like this will inevitably dedicate special attention to the environment.

In everything I do, I have chosen to reduce my environmental footprint to the minimum.