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Mount Cervino, the perfect mountain.
Snow, which you can find at Cervinia nearly all year round.
Skiing, available at any time, even at night.
The nature and beauty of Valle d’Aosta.
A world of culinary discovery, with a restaurant that is included in the most important international guides, and a cellar that offers surprises to even the most experienced wine enthusiasts.
And what can you do at Les Neiges d’Antan? Everything.


La Vacanza è una pausa di benessere, relax e giornate serene e spensierate ma può essere finalmente quel momento di tempo libero in cui fare ciò che desideriamo!

Yoga e Meditazione oggi sono i sistemi sempre più ricercati per il benessere di corpo, mente e cuore


“Bring your mountain bike, and I’ll help you discover the most exciting routes of Valle d’Aosta. With my Santa Cruz I have cycled all the tracks of the valley, from the easiest to the most extreme, and so I can give you suggestions on the perfect itinerary for you with your mountain bike.

In summer, Les Neiges d’Antan is a favourite location for mountain bikers. The holiday packages, specifically designed for all those who love this sport, include assistance from Federciclismo instructors, jeeps ready to pick you up at the end of the trail, and videocameras that will enable you to immortalize those exciting moments.


Cervinia is the Italian resort with the longest-lasting skiing season: from early November to May. And you can even ski in summer, on the snows of the Plateau Rosà glacier.

No end of opportunity to enjoy a wonderful week of skiing on legendary pistes.


Whether you enter hand in hand, embracing, or kissing, your first time at Les Neiges d’Antan will be love at first sight.

It’s your escape for heart and soul, a place where you are welcomed by the warmth from the open fires, the light of a thousand candles, the atmosphere generated by charm and beauty, and music that is the perfect accompaniment for the setting.

When you enter your suite, you will be delighted by the fragrance of timber, and the spectacular views of Mount Cervino.


“Io vado a correre ogni giorno.

Insieme ad Hansel, che non è un personaggio delle fiabe, ma il mio favoloso cane.

Esco dalle Neiges d’Antan e sono in mezzo alla natura

Niente auto, niente traffico, solo il sentiero e la vista sul Cervino.


“Freeriding here is fantastic, and you can take my word for it, because I was born in Cervinia, I have always lived here, and I am familiar with every inch of piste and off-piste slopes.

Do you want even more than the 360 kilometres of piste in the Breuil-Cervinia system?

If you are attracted by the powerful emotions of freeriding, we can set off together, with an Alpine guide. I’ll be the snowfinder.